Embraer Phenom 300

When you’re ready to step up from a single-engine or entry-level aircraft, we invite you to explore the Phenom 300 – the most delivered business jet in the world for two consecutive years (2013 and 2014).

Built by Embraer Executive Jets, the next-generation Phenom 300 incorporates the same design philosophy and precision engineering as larger Embraer commercial and corporate jets - at a fraction of the cost. >>>

Best cabin pressurization in its class

At 45,000 feet, the Phenom 300 is pressurized to a cabin altitude of 6,600 feet. So occupants feel less fatigued and have a more comfortable flight experience.

Work as you fly by natural light

With the largest windows in its class -1.33 square feet - the Phenom 300 lets in plenty of natural light to work or read by. There are even 2 windows in the lavatory!

Ample room for all your baggage

Measuring 74 cubic feet, the Phenom 300’s external baggage capacity is the largest in its class – big enough to accommodate your whole group’s luggage. An optional wardrobe keeps your suits wrinkle-free, and for additional convenience, the aircraft also offers 10 cubic feet of internal stowage space.

Prodigy Touch - a highly intuitive cockpit

A single pilot can fly the aircraft. Smart system automation simplifies the pilot’s checklist. Prodigy Touch flight deck provides a highly intuitive environment with softkeys and some touchscreen functionalities to minimize navigation time on menus. The avionics enhance situational awareness with clear information about speed, altitude, fuel, engine performance, and other relevant flight parameters. 

Take-off capabilities enable the jet to climb directly to 45,000 feet with no intermediate steps. And the Phenom 300 gives you excellent performance in hot and high airports.

One of the roomiest light jets money can buy

Even though the Phenom 300 is a light jet, the aircraft is big enough to carry up to 10 passengers in comfort and style. The 17-foot-long OvalLiteTM cabin offers more leg and head room and features the largest galley in its class.

The seats move in all directions, swivel, and fully recline for resting or napping. For additional seating and stowage, you can also choose the optional divan. Standard and optional in-flight entertainment and cabin connectivity include a CD/DVD player, 10-inch LCD ceiling-mounted monitor, high-speed Internet connection, and wireless headphones*.

A ramp presence like no other

The Phenom 300’s ramp presence is an enviable one, especially at night with its impressive “air stair” down and the lights turned on. The aircraft has the largest entrance door area in its class. A favorite of Phenom 300 owners, the jet’s air stair features handrails, optional step lights, and telescopic tubes.

Lower costs, less pollution

The Phenom 300 is a fuel-efficient jet burning up to 19% less fuel per flight hour than its closest competitor, making it the greenest aircraft in its category. The aircraft's total direct operating costs are similar to turboprops' with comparable cabin size, just another reason why the Phenom 300 is such a popular choice with customers around the world. 

Unparalleled customer support

Our team offers maintenance services, parts support and repairs, field and technical support, and pilot training. For your convenience, the Customer Support Contact Center operates 24/7. Plus, over 40 service centers worldwide are ready to serve you. Embraer Executive Jets' Customer Support and Services team is one of the top-rated in the industry.

Plus, the Phenom 300 gives you:

  • Range: 1,971 nautical miles.
  • Maximum Mach Operating: 0.78 Mach.
  • High speed cruise: 453 knots.
  • Maximum altitude: 45,000 ft.
  • Steep approach capability.
  • Optional increased weight design - maximum payload up to 2,637 lb. 
  • Take-Off Field Length: 3,138 ft.
  • Engine thrust: 3,360 lbf.