Embraer Legacy 450

The Legacy 450 isn’t an old jet dressed up in a new model number. Starting with a clean sheet of paper, Embraer’s aerospace engineers designed the Legacy 450 as a new bleeding-edge corporate jet unlike any other in the mid-light class. This innovative aircraft is truly a remarkable union of technology and design, setting a new standard for mid-light jets. >>>

Biggest cabin in its class

At 6-feet tall and 24-feet long, with a flat floor, the Legacy 450’s cabin is the largest in its class. Two center club seats fully berth to create beds, so you can catch up with your sleep on flights. The other seats, available with optional heating and massage, swivel and offer lateral and forward movement. Seats a total of up to 9 passengers.

Carries everything you want to bring

The Legacy 450 has both an internal stowage compartment that is accessible in-flight as well as an external baggage compartment. Combined storage capacity is 150 cubic feet, by far the largest in its class. You can fit everyone’s luggage with room to spare for skis and golf clubs.

Unparalleled luxury

The refreshment center offers a wide range of options including microwave oven, coffee brewer, and Nespresso machine. The Legacy 450 is the only mid-light business jet with an optional wet galley. The wet galley features hot and cold water with a large ice drawer and optional crystal, china, and silverware.

The Ovation® SelectTM Cabin Management System gives you full HD video, optional surround audio, Apple TV, and a wide range of connectivity options including 3.1 Mbps high-speed data and Wi-Fi connection.

A pilot’s dream cockpit

The Legacy 450 is the only jet in its class to replace conventional controls with full fly-by-wire technology.

The fly-by-wire system offers complete envelope protection, preventing control commands that exceed the jet’s operational limits. The system also enables pilots to deliver an ultra-smooth flight experience and reduces the pilots' workload.

The flight deck features a dark-and-quiet design philosophy, large displays, and improved ergonomics to reduce pilot fatigue. The optional Embraer Enhanced Vision System (E2VS) further lessens pilots' workload and boosts their situational awareness. 

Extraordinary performance

Traveling at Mach 0.83, the Legacy 450 is the fastest mid-light corporate jet in the air. It can take off and land on short runways, giving you access to more airports worldwide. Incredibly, the aircraft can climb directly to 43,000 ft. in only 21 min, departing from the sea level with maximum takeoff weight.  The Legacy 450's flight altitude is 45,000 ft. 

Plus, the Legacy 450 also gives you:

  • Maximum speed: Mach 0.83.
  • 2,575 nm range. 
  • Best cabin pressurization in its class: 6,000 feet. 
  • Large windows in the lavatory for additional natural lighting - unique in class.
  • Maximum operating altitude: 45,000 feet.
  • Maximum payload: 2,976 pounds (1,350 kg).
  • Maximum thrust: 6,540 lbf. 
  • Takeoff field: 3,825 ft (1,166 m).